What is the most asked question?

Oddly enough “What is the most asked questions?” Is the most asked question 😊

Who is KanD?

Advice β€œHow to become a part of the Legendary Movement?”

Question: Who originated the Legendary Movement?

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Do you want to earn money and support a good cause?

Me too 😯

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Video News Release

Inaccurate or incomplete definitions and history of the term “video news release”


Video press release and video news release contain different types of content.

Video News Releases are specifically for reporting traditional news via video format

Video Press Releases contain Content Rich information

Video press site is a website that cointains video press that is new worthy but would never make the news.

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Question Channel

Video – Questions and Answers

Ask KanD phenomenon

Topping the charts Google “Year in search” for “Who is”


*”Do you know any drummers looking for a band?*

Calling all Musicians

“I am on a mad hunt for a kick ass drummer like this, that’s ready for a nationalwide tour
#Rock #Funk and #Soul Band


Original Music some Remixes
If you are interested or know someone
#CallMe 518-732-5729