Googlite – 1st Googlite KanD Johnson

Googlite1st Googlite KanD Johnson and creator of the term Googlites. Evidence of the origination is documented in her live video on air recorded Google Hangouts, the name of the original interface , which is now known as Go Live.

KanD Johnson is the first known googlite because she is the first to identify the characteristic difference between different social groups. She is also the first to categorize the different tyoes of users within the Google+ community. The term Googlites was not based primarily on the implications of the Google search engine. I am a Google Plus Lover and I am angry as hell at Google for taking it away instead of fixing it. Fire The Idiots who thought to do that. Notice I said I am still a lover of Google Plus. i hate Facebook Culter. I am going through Google Plus withdrawl so I have over 50 wordpress blogs to compesate for what 1 Google Plus App. smh Google yall need to get yall shit together. Humm

KanD Johnson, is a serial entrepreneur and illustrative creator and was primarily drawn to the attributes of Google primary when Google was not the primary SEARCH ENGINE. Yahoo who was dominating the email industry and a transsfer of familiarity made innovation of information sources online made the transition easy for many web browers. However, I didn’t adapt to the addition the source was inefficient for my purposes and I began searching. I independently determined that Google offered more in terms of online growth and access to sources that induced big data.

What makes Google THE BEST Search Engine Resource

What makes Google Chrone the Best Search Engine Data Base?

Why do internet users prefer Google over other search engine browers?

The reason, I am the first googlite not a fan. I don’t follow Google I support several of their platforms.

Why do I support specific Google products becuase I know this one thing.

Google induces big data with the urgency of the users to reach high ranking levels. The natural human desire to be on Top of the List of all things related to Essentials.
I am the fisrt person to say on video Google has become like God. i personally think it is the next best thing to getting answers from GOD.

Original #Quotes By KanD The first Googlite in History

Why is Youtube the best video streaming portal?

Answer: I would have to devugle my marketing secrets if I answer that question too thoroughly. I will express the need for you to find out for yourself. Why? Our future is in Google because our future is people. Google bring people together.

Original #Quotes By KanD The first Googlite in History

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Why was the term “Googlite” semi-validated by Rice University website with a lie instead of its true origin?


Google Trends Set By KanD

  • Legendary
  • Strictly4Gs
  • Music Is Magic
  • Real Talk
  • Real Related to all things
  • Questions Trend
  • Ask KanD – ie Ask Steve… Ask Keith Richards
  • All White Phenomenon
  • Essentials
  • All In
  • History in the making
  • List

We are not purporting KanD invented the use of specific words. The truth is evident however, the Noticeable Increase, in tbe use of the words, as precedence. This organic growth or patterm of increase in interest, focus or use, is how trends are defined. There source is important to examine for proper analysis of data collected.

Tag Trends – “kand tags” word ending with a k next word land”

  • Cool YouTube Thumbnails
  • During the hangout days youtube would allow you to change the thumbnail of the preview of a live event to attrack potential live viewers. You could sent the invite to all the people in your circle šŸ”µ Loved those circles of communities of people. I cant stress enough how yall fucked up taking Google Plus.

Blogging Word Authority

Playlist Other Youtube Trends By KanD