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Welcome to Konnect an Exclusive International Community, Social Media Video Press Site, Strictly 4Gs.


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What is a Video Press Site? We are the only ones who could explain what it is because KanD originated the idea stemming from our original idea of Video Press Releases. Trend set on Youtube. People are catching on and we appreciate the fans and swagswipers who help to spread the trends we set. All of the ideas and creative marketing trends provided via this site and all associated sites are the express creative intellectual property of the Legendary Rock Singer, Professional Performer, and Serial Entrepreneur, KanD Johnson.

The only Kand with a Capital “D”. Hence the reason Connect is spell with a “K”.

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Meeting of the masterminds Unbound Creative Source for Success. Is how KanD describes Konnect.International purpose. Subscribe and Share



Who is KanD?

We acknowledge all supporters send shout out videos and make mention of swagswipers. Swagswipers are people who are fond of KanD’s creative ideas, words, phrases, styles and innovative approach but they don’t want to give her credit for them so they can create an audience for themselves as the originator. Haters and thieves alike. Do misunderstand or perception we appreciate haters because to be honest Gs we need to step our game up with sharing good shit. These haters are carrying the game (via word of mouth) The only problem with them spreading trends KanD started is they won’t tell people where they got it from. Prime example the All White phenomenon. KanD defeated the fashion boundary of “No white after Labor Day”, with her stylish all white winter wear.

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