Swag Swipers Caught in Action

Konnect Video Press site investigate trends set by KanD. The investigation is intended to search for fans who admire KanD Style which is commonly refered to a swag.

Question What does swag swiper mean?


The word swag is a slang word used as an alternate word for style, or creativity.

The word swiper is a term used to describe people who take things that don’t belong to them, and act as if they have not stolen it.

The behavior of swag swiping is similar to fan behavior, which is harmless and charming. The swag swag swiper is the opposite of a fan. Swag swipers are haters and undercover fans, because they only follow people to steal their creative ideas, also known as swag.


Specific details of what classifies a person as a swag swiper.

  • People who use word terms they first heard KanD say, often, they liked it but didn’t want to reveal it’s origin because they want people to think they originated it.
  • People who are starting REAL TALK SHOWS, but none have given credit to KanD as their inspiration for their show which are all spin offs from KanD Johnson’s original REAL TALK in real life, and her early Youtube Channel TNT Explosive Sounds, REAL Talk Show!


GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT SHOW UNASSOCIATE RESULTS To search words in search query due to unrelated tags used in the author of the contents meta data. It NAME DROPPING online , a way of associating yourself to someone with popularity.

ONLINE PRACTICES including article titles, video titles, type of images and or video content, Word phrases, music and creative ideas.


CLICK HERE Example of a swag swipers caught, evidence in the screen shot images below

Corporate Swag Swipers

KanD Johnson originated the world term – Video Memes

Rag Riders who have no clue what a video meme is will include the term in video titles and SEO tags and meta data, for no other reason but Tag Riding and Swag swiping

The reason a swipers, tag riders caught youtube