Swag Swipers

Konnect Video Press site investigate trends set by KanD. The investigation is intended to search for fans who admire KanD Style which is commonly refered to a swag. KanD is not making claims to the use of the word swag as an alternate word for style. It is unknown who originated the use in this manner. KanD did, however, put a new spin on the word, to personify it’s use. Question What does swag swiper mean? Answer The word swag is a slang word used as an alternate word for style, or creativity. The word swiper is a term used to describe people who take things that don’t belong to them, and act as if they have not stolen it. The behavior of swag swiping is similar to fan behavior, which is harmless and charming. The swag swag swiper is the opposite of a fan. Explanation The specific details of what classifies a person as a swag swiper. SWAG SWIPERS CAUGHT ON YOUTUBE CLICK HERE Example of a swag swipers caught, evidence in the screen shot images below The reason a swipers, tag riders caught youtube