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Refrigerator Removal and Disposal – Recycling

Broken Appliances Picked Up FREE

 Who Picks Up Refrigerators for FREE?
Find a Free Appliance Pick Up company in your area
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Recycling Center keep as many appliances as possible, out of the landfills. Offering free pickup appliances that still have some life in them.  Your help in keeping the usable machines away from the scrapyard is much appreciated!

Need Old Appliances Picked Up
 before your new ones are delivered?

 Our network of Local Appliance Removalexperts make it fast and easy to get rid of old refrigeratorsstoves,washersfreezers, and dryers fast! Many callers like to book these services the day before or on the delivery date of their new kitchen or laundry equipment’s arrival.Our service pros makes it easy! Simply give them a call and wave bye bye! 

Most crews can pick up your old working and non working appliances and haul them away the very SAME DAY, in most cases! You have the best chance at getting on that day’s schedule if you call in the morning. This way they can fit your pick up in between deliveries and service calls.

 Unwanted Appliances taking up valuable space?

  Is the wife tired of trying to fit her car in the garage, while not scraping against that old, broken refrigerator?

Tired of looking at that old washer and dryer that you replaced 6 months ago that’s just sitting there gathering dust?  

​Simply give a call to the listed company hauling away appliances in your area. Though we currently only list a few, we will be adding more removal specialist in different areas each week!

Appliance Recycling 

Who recycles appliances in the most eco-friendly way possible? 
Check our appliance removal directory! If our groups hauls away a working washing machine, stove, oven, clothes dryer, or refrigerator,  they will be tested, cleaned and sold as a used appliances to those that don’t want, or can not afford to purchase new ones.

 This helps to cover their operating expenses, while adding as little to over crowded landfills as possible.

Old, rusted and non-repairable appliances are tested to see which parts still work. Working parts are stripped and either used to repair other appliances, or sold as used parts at a price way cheaper than they cost new.

Say we hauled away a nice looking refrigerator with an expensive circuit board problem. Parts like doors, handles, crisper drawers, shelves, knobs, fans, and even light bulbs are removed and sorted to be used again.

Freon is then safely removed with a vacuum pump to a recycling container, then the remaining carcass is taken to a metal recycling facility.

Unlike most junk haulers that take everything to the junk yard as scrap to get crushed, our system keeps landfill waste to a minimum! 

Donating Appliances To Charity
Our company operations fund or non-profit organization.

🎀 Our Free Appliance Removal Services provide jobs in your local community! 👍

😣 Tired of waiting for a no-show or long waits from large charity donation pickups.

Many charity organizations do not take large appliances. Some that will accept them, do not accept broken appliances

Many for profit companies are too picky becuase they want to resell but bring very little benefit to the donor.

As S

▶We do pick up for NASTY waste contaminated refrigeratos.

Classic Essentials Appliance Removal to pick up your household refrigerators and freezers only.

Do you have a Refrigerator or Fre

Washer, Dyer, Stove

FREE Appliance Removal near you!

FREE RERIGERATOR Pick Up, Removal and Disposal

We only offer free haul away of appliances that can either be refurbished or stripped and parted out. No problem if they are working or nozert, as long as they are in 15 to 20 miles.

FREE PICKUP First floor, ground level, obstruction FREE access.

FREE PICKUP has it’s limitations. Refrigerators that are upstairs, in basements, or require extra labor, will incur a small fee 25.00


We pick up thousands of refrigerators each year.

Free removal and Disposal services are just a phone call away! 


If you need to get your broken appliances picked up before your new fridge is delivered. We are a stress free option.

Refrigerators and Stoves

Refrigerators and Stoves Picked Up from Apartment Complex or Duplex Invest


Bulk Appliance Removal

Landlords and Investors or home care providers replacing kitchen, or laundry appliances in an apartment complex, assisted living facility, government agency, or business.

Most have the ability to take away large quantities of old no longer needed appliances before they start to clutter your area.

❓How many units do you have stored? ❓ When are you available for PICKUP?

❓How often they would need to come pick up a truck load. Often times, you

Recycling Old Appliances

These working water inlet valves above were tested and removed from used washing machines. Below are used dryer heating elements that were tested and cleaned for resell. 

Salvaging and selling used appliance  parts helps cover business owner’s costs of proving free hauling of your appliances.

Recycling Dryer Parts

We save appliance parts from non-repairable units to fix other machines

Donating Appliances to Charity


We give back by repair, clean and donate working freezers to local food banks and charities and local families in need.

Fast Free Appliance Removal

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