Kenmore Appliance Repair 100.00 ☏ 832-576-5877

#Whirlpool #Stove #repair
Houston, TX

Nice White Whirlpool Electric Stove
Only 200.00
Clean and Good Working Electric Stove
All Cook Options Tested
💚 Only 200.00 Special Price

This item is listed for 200.00

Trade in your Broken Washer To Receive a Discount Of 25.00
Get my working washer for as low as 175.00
House, Apartment or Extra Fridge,
Use it to store cold beverages 😊
1 Year Warranty Included
Call for details

ℹ Disclaimer/Disclosure:

✔ Tested: Good Working
ℹ This is a used product and the Physical Conditions reflect normal wear with use.
Flaws Do Not Affect the functionality of the unit.

Please call ☏ for current availability
Thanks for your interest
———————– 😊 ———

Kenmore Appliance Repair Houston TX 832-576-5877
Call for Repair Quote Start Price 100.00

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