Happy birth of motherhood day!

Happy birth of motherhood day!

Happy mothers day, the day you became a mother of another human life force.

Poetic Truth

You endured the sickness, cravings, and cramps. Perhaps like me you didn’t experience any of those symptoms but your emotions were like a Texas Hurricane in season, enormous and unpredictable. Hell yeah I’m breastfeeding.😑 I didn’t gain much physical weight but I had an annoying…milk drip. My man loved the work of the creator, cause I carried mines in my hips. 

They left forensic evidence behind.  😂 My emotions were out of wack and so were my thighs. Since walls can’t talk, I’m certain… my ass… will testify.

The first one, was aggressive too. She tried to snuff me out. 😯

😇 Precious I call her now, my pride and joy. I made the best of motherhood with her and then I had a boy. 😉” #QuotesByKanD

Your first one is a delight because it’s the day of your birth into in a new purpose for living and being the best you for her or him.

Happy Birthday of Motherhood Day

KanD Johnson


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