Got questions get answers

Got questions get answers

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Questions Channel on YouTube

If you search YouTube
Type “Question” , “Questions”, or “Question Channel

Many videos will appear, but none of them will actually be questions or answers to questions.


Question: Why is that?


Many, YouTube Video Creators, are creators of useless videos.

They know their videos are not Content Rich, so they will use popular tags and titles to access the flow of traffic to the search engines.

Another reason search results on youtube are unrelated to the specific, question or terms you typed in, is the fact that PAID PROMOTIONS always come up first whether it is relevant or not.

What are you looking for?

It doesn’t matter the Internet is not the place to find it if you don’t know how to connect with the right sources of information. Reddit makes claims to being the front page of the internet. I wonder if they know the front page or the first search results are irrelevant. 🙆

We created websites and YOUTUBE CHANNEL that filters through the trash and provide you with

CONTENT Rich Videos

Everything is categoried in a playlist for easier access.

We actually have a QUESTIONS CHANNEL On YouTube You can

  • Ask A Question – Get an answer
  • Answer questions asked
  • Access Content Rich Information
  • DIRECTLY ACCESS How to videos that are detailed, up-to-date, accurate information

We provide all of these things in one place because searching Google or YouTube for relevant videos to your search has become a nightmare. 100 to 1 video is associated to what you actually searched for and 50 to 1 odds the videos that are actually related are too short to provide accurate information or its just a Title tag generally referred to as CLICK Bait If you are on a cellular device and using the Youtube App If you type Questions Channel Our Channel Does Not Appear in the query results although we are the first and only REAL Questions Channel on YOUTUBE

Have you seen?

“Who is KanD?” Answer Videos on Who is KanD YouTube CHANNEL

Legendary KanD Johnson is the most asked who is question. Her charming personally, talent and accomplishment can’t be summed up in a short bio watch hundreds of videos that demonstrate the variety of answers to the question “Who is KanD?”

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